Step 3b: Prepare and Export the Dashboard

If you do not have a dashboard model for this car, skip this step.

Importing the dashboard is very easy compared to the car.

Import the dashboard file(s) the same way as you did the car.

Like the car, you will need:

The dashboard / interior

The gauges

The shifter

the seats

the steering column

the mirrors

the steering wheel

A dashboard needle

You will not need:

The driver

the dummies, nulls and/or nurbs

Take the parts you need, and unite them. Name it as cockpit[0].

Import the car model.

Line up the dashboard, using move, and if needed, scale, to fit it in the car model's interior space.

If the car has a hood, you can delete the exterior model, but leave the hood and fenders. Sometimes, as in the case of a hood scooper, a cowl, or high fenders, you can see it in front of you. Rename this hacked model as cockpit[1].

Once that is done, just export it, save it as your car's short name, with a C at the end, like vanqshc.mod

Take the Steering wheel, and move it so that the axes make a perfect cross section, as shown.

Right-click it in the objects list, and rename it to wheel[0].

Export it, saving it as your car's short name with a w at the end, like in vanqshw.mod

Repeat for the needle, but put the bottom of the needle (or near bottom) on the X and Z axis.

Export the needle as needle.mod

Once you are happy, move ONWARD.