Step 9: Build the CAR File

To expedite the testing process, we will create a BAT file to speed up this step.

First, create a new text document. Name it something unique, and open it in Notepad.

Start listing each file that will go in the car file, putting one filename, hitting enter, another file name, etc. Basically, you will need the basic files, ALL the mod files, except the needle, c and w.mod, as we will deal with them later, ALL the tex textures, and ALL the SFX files.

Save the file, and go File... New

type in your commands like in this example, without the parentheses of course:

mkcar vanqsh.txt (make a CF from the txt)

mkres @reslist.txt (pack up the car)

C: (go to the install disk, only use if your tools and Viper Racing folder are on different drives)

cd "\Games\SIERRA\Viper Racing\Data" (go to your Viper Racing Data folder, you should have installed it somewhere where you can read/write to it)

copy C:\TOOLS\NFS\VANM\ (Copy the car into the Viper Racing Data Folder)

Save this file as mkres and install.bat. Make sure you put the file type as All Files first, or it will become a .bat.txt file.

Go to the Command Prompt, and type mkres @yourlist.txt

After a brief moment, a .car will show up in explorer. Right-Click on it and hit Properties. The file size should NOT be 0 bytes. If it is, something went wrong. Check your filelist and make sure nothing is misspelled or an extra entry is not in there.

If the car file is OK, double-click your bat.

A Command Prompt window will show up momentarily, then disappear. It is now in the Viper Racing folder. From now on, all you have to do to change the CF and pack up your car is open notepad, change the value, hit save, and run your BAT.

Once you are done packing, you can move ONWARD.