Step 1: Gather Information

Conversion Permission (If you are the car maker, skip the next paragraph)

If you are converting a car from another game, you must first check the readme file(s) to see if you can convert this car or part. If there is nothing on the matter, you must contact the author(s) of anything you use and ask whether or not you have permission to convert it into Viper Racing. If you get no response, or if the readme states not to convert this car or part, you must assume the answer is no.

Real Car Data

If your car is a replica of a real one, you will need the following car specs, in Imperial measurements (e.g. inches)

Dimensions- Width, Length, Height, Wheelbase, Front Track, Rear Track, Tire Sizes Front and Rear, Ride Height

Masses- Curb Weight, Weight Distribution, Center of Gravity Height

Performance- Engine Horsepower @ RPM, ft-lbs. Torque @ RPM, Idle RPM, Rev Limiter RPM (or redline)

Drive train- Front, Rear, Four or All-Wheel Drive, Power Distribution (AWD Only), Differential Type(s), Differential Clutch Factor (if Limited-Slip), Number of Gears

Suspension- Caster, Anti-Dive, Anti-Squat, Anti-Roll Bars, Camber Change with Bump, Toe Change with Bump

Wind Resistance- Frontal Area, Lateral Drag, Vertical Drag, Drag Coefficient (without down force), Front Spoiler Down Force Min and Max (if adjustable), Lift, Drag, Rear Spoiler Down Force Min and Max (if adjustable), Lift, Drag

To find the car information on a late model car, go to the Manufacturer's Website. To find information on an older car, find a website devoted to the car, go on Wikipedia, or ask around. To find information on a race car, you may try the Race Team's web site, the Racing Series website, or ask around. But remember that many settings on a Race Car are normally adjustable (e.g. Power Dist., LSD Factor, Rev Limiter).

You can also try as well.

If you can not get all the specs, do not worry about it. We will get back to it later.

Once you are finished gathering information, move Onward!