The First Test Drive

This is the make it or break it time. This will tell whether the car was prepared right or not. This will tell when the car's got too many vertices. This will tell the fate of mankind...

well... maybe not the fate of mankind...

but here is the scenario. You have packed the car, you open Viper Racing, you select it in the Hacks menu, you go to Quick Race... and...

EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION usually happens when the game crashes because the car has too many vertices. Remember, 1200 for the original, 5000 for patch 1.23, 20,000 for the new HD patch.

You will have to go back into ZModeler, and start deleting tri's and if needed, welding vertices. If stripping the car completely of detail still puts you overbudget, then you will have to start over. At the time this tutorial was originally created, 5000 vertices was the limit, and the Vanquish was just too detailed to fit into the game.

... so you now have picked up a new vehicle, and are up to this point.

You go to Quick Race, and...

Your car shows up! On this car, the car mesh is bigger than the wheelbase, so you will have to scale down the car's 3-D Mesh and the dashboard, and check your wheelbase and front/rear track!

I also have to fix the tint on the headlight covers!

Next, go to the Garage, and Drivetrain. Take a good look at the horsepower and torque graph.

The torque curve is not supposed to curve down! To fix this, raise your peak torque or lower your engine's Horsepower peak RPM.

Set up your car and go test it.

Make note of the car's sounds and driving likeness.

On the Skyline here, the sounds are real weird. After exiting, I found I accidentally left them on Stereo!

Once you are done playing around, you can move ONWARD.