Viper Racing Car Creation / Conversion Tutorial

Tutorial Index

Step 1: Gather Information
Step 2: Prepare the 3D Mesh(es)
Step 3a: Finalize and Export the 3D Mesh(es)
Step 3b: Prepare and Export the Dashboard
Step 4: FPWolf's Restools Overview
Step 5: Convert Textures
Step 6: Prepare Sounds
Step 7: Prepare Performance
Step 8: Create a Long Name for the Car
Step 9: Build the CAR File
Step 10: The First Test Drive
Step 11: Fix the Performance
Step 12: Fix the 3D Mesh
Step 12a: Fix the Textures
Step 13: Fix the Sounds
Step 14: Fix the Dashboard
Step 15: The Brake Lights!
Step 16: Finalize the Car
Step 17: Prepare for Download